Brain Injury Unit

Rooms (15)
Rooms (13)
Rooms (3)
Hoists In Every Room

Here at Soham Lodge we have seven dedicated Brain Injury / Rehabilitation  rooms

These all have ceiling tracking hoists to assist movement and a permanent supply of piped Oxygen and suction.

Brain Injury is unique and affects every patient differently; Some of the damage caused to the brain may be irreversible.

Rehabilitation involves encouraging  different areas of the brain to take over activities of the damaged areas. We will provide you with support and structure on a daily basis.

The support each therapist will offer you will be dependent upon your needs and how your rehabilitation progresses. Assessments will look at the difficulties that you may be experiencing after your brain injury. From these assessments, the therapists will try to help you with new ways to manage.

My name is Hazel Mdekazi and I work at Soham Lodge Care Centre as Deputy Manager in the ABI unit.Hazel Deputy Manager
I first developed my interests in Neurological Conditions during my training as a nurse. From my training days I have worked in trauma units, with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Intensive Care Units. I have worked with a diverse set of patients suffering different neurological conditions; some needing ventilators to assist them with breathing, fully ventilated and others on BiPAP and CPAP, several requiring cough assist to bring up their secretions. I have also worked in Sub Acute Centres after patients have been weaned off full ventilation in intensive care unit (still with tracheostomies in position) multi-disciplinary teams to set up goals for patients preparing to go back to the community and de- cannulating when they are ready. All supported by ENT consultants, guiding us with the scoping of patients.

Due to the passion I have in Neurological Conditions I decided to study Acupuncture and moxibustion as it is good in these conditions. I practiced in Tai Chung Hospital in Taiwan where Acupuncture is used regularly to treat any condition with very good results.

Back from Taiwan I opened a clinic in South Africa and practised Acupuncture and Primary Health Care, mostly for Neurological conditions, e.g. TBI, Stroke, Epilepsy, Spastic Colon, Migraine and others with very good results.

In the United Kingdom I have worked as Unit Manager of a Brain Injury Unit, Clinical Lead in Neuro Rehabilitation Centres, and managed patients with tracheostomy, on BiPAP and cough assist. Having attended Head First Conferences I gained further information from the Neuro Consultants and share this with staff, patients and their relatives.